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Amazon Fresh Experience

Let’s face it. Nobody has time anymore. Between the family, kids, work, driving to and picking up from soccer, piano, dance lessons, the cleaners, gas station, texting, returning phone calls, paying bills, all of your time is spent running errands for someone else.

There are only 7 days a week, and with a full time job, you are pretty much doing your food shopping late at night or on the weekends which can make you even more stressed out.
Amazon fresh solves this problem by saving you time and energy.

I really have to give it to Amazon Fresh. They have this down to a science. This service is easy, convenient and a cut above other services we have used. We use this service fairly frequently, and while we still go to the grocery store, this service comes in handy and saves us hours a week.

Let Amazon handle the heavy lifting

My wife primarily handles the groceries in the household and while we like to go food shopping together with the kids, the timing doesn’t always work out that way where I can help her out. When it comes to picking up beverages or liquids (i.e. laundry detergent), it is definitely helpful to do this with 2 adults, but when I can’t be around, I don’t want her to have to lug these heavy items by herself. (Did you know a gallon of milk weighs more than 8lbs ?)

Amazon Prime Now


This is where Amazon Prime helps tremendously. We tend to order 2 or 3 gallons of milk for the kids and then juice, water, soda, etc. Amazon will deliver these items directly to your door or even bring them inside if you want them to.

Your food comes in the insulated green containers (we get paper bags now) that Amazon provides along with frozen bottled water (free water !), so if you are not going to be home upon delivery, your food will be fine.

We have done this on hot August days without any issues. Amazon use to send ice packs, but they have a better idea with the bottled water. Now at least you can drink them instead of ending up with a bunch of ice packs which need to be disposed of.

They are shipping with foil cover insulated bags now with frozen water bottles, so food stays cold without any concerns.

Since we have started using Amazon Fresh, we have had only 2 incidents where we had damaged products. Once we had a bag of potato chips ripped because something else pierced the bag and recently we had a couple of eggs cracked in a dozen. They pack the eggs in a separate plastic bag, so the mess was contained. These little packing details are great. Amazon will resolve these small issues after you notify them.

Scheduling delivery and Green coolers pickups

As long as you look at day ahead or so, you can schedule a two hour window when you want your groceries to be delivered.  Sometimes, you can get it same day if it is available in your area.  We frequently have had them deliver within the first 30 minutes of the time window. You can even set pickup times for the green coolers (no longer because they use paper bags now) even if you are not planning to have something new delivered. This is a helpful convenience so the coolers do not occupy extra space in your home.

Depending what you buy (paper products, chips, etc.), they may send groceries in brown paper bags, so you don’t end up with the green coolers.  Although, kids may want to build a small fort.

Prices and Brands

We find that prices are competitive and often better than what we see in store at Whole Foods (which I find surprisingly odd).

This will vary based on what you are ordering and/or if you are using coupons and deals with your local supermarket. Since the Amazon merger with Whole Foods, pretty much the entire Whole Foods line is available. There are a handful of products that may not be available, but the majority are online. The Whole Foods 365 line is available.

Time and Cost

We have Amazon Prime and our monthly cost for this service is only $14.99.
The time savings alone is worth it. Plus you save money on gas and your car to drive a few miles away to the grocery store. If you live in an apartment, condo, etc., it makes life even easier.

Now as I mentioned earlier, we still go to the grocery store for certain fresh items like produce or an item we didn’t plan for, but those trips are far less (maybe once a week) and they are those “tuck and roll” shopping stops where one of us can run in for 5 minutes while the other one sits in the car with the kids. Truly a trustworthy service by Amazon.

How long does it take you to go to the store ?  2 hours ?
• 15 minutes to get the kids into the car
• 15 minutes to drive to the store
• 60 minutes to shop and wait on line (sometimes more)
• 15 minutes to load the car up and get the kids back in the car
• 15 minutes to drive back home

How much do you make an hour ? $15 ? If you do, then your 2 hour trip is costing you $30 (maybe more).
So that’s 8 hours per month (2 hours/week) and $120 per month ($30/week). Trading the small $14.99 fee is a bargain for what you save in time and energy.

Try a Amazon Fresh and get your time back.

Be Safe

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