Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

Kreg R3 Jr. Kit

Kreg R3 Jr.

The Kreg R3 Jr. is great for small projects and the occasional need to fix a drawer or a chair.  The kit comes in a small compact case that stores everything neatly and stores well.  The drill bit and collar are reliable and easy to set with the gauge that is built into the case.  The included allen key has its own slot as well.  It also comes with a few screws of different sizes and a few precut dowels for filling holes.  Everything you need to get a start.  Once I got it, I quickly bought a screw set as I starting playing with different projects.

The circular plastic clamp pad is there to work with Kreg clamps.  When I first got this I just used a regular Irwin Clamp.  This setup works fine, but a Kreg clamp will hold it tighter.  This jig is small enough to fit into tight spaces which makes it fairly versatile.  You can pop off the clamp pad and put a screw into it to hold it when you can’t get a clamp into position.

The gauge on the jig itself is easy to adjust for the thickness of wood you plan to use.  I mostly use it on ½” and ¾” stock without any issues.



This was one of my first purchase of Kreg product line and is a great starter kit for someone interested in getting into woodwork or small projects around the house.  At under $40, it is very reasonable for a small budget.  After this one, I went on to purchase the Kreg K4 Pocket Hole System.

A great gift idea for the DIY’er in your life.