Irwin Quick Grip Clamp Set


Irwin Tools QUICK-GRIP Clamp Set

Great Bar Clamps

This Irwin QUICK-GRIP Clamp Set is the best value for a starter set. I have had them for over 10 years and they are still working as well as when I first got them. I use the 12” and 6” one handed bar clamps the most. I like that you can tilt them up or down to while holding the release trigger to “pre-set” clamping gap with one hand. It makes it really easy when you are holding something in the other hand. Once the clamp is “pre-set”, you can tighten it up with the same hand. I have a F-type bar clamps from a different brand and I need both hands to adjust them before tightening them up.

Strong Spring Clamps

The Spring clamps are pretty strong and do not require a lot of effort to open them up. They are designed with the right amount of leverage built in to easily open them. I have some smaller spring clamps from another set where I have problems getting the right leverage at times.
Also, the springs themselves are well protected by the plastic housing which helps protect from any skin pinching you may get with metal spring clamps.



I am not a big fan of the Handi clamps that come in this set. I do use them to temporarily hold cables or other small lightweight items when I’m working in my shop, but you can’t really hold anything too big with them (relative to the other clamps). The clamping pressure just isn’t there.  The teeth on the clamps are made of plastic.  I have a set of Bessey clamps that have metal teeth which offer a sturdier grip. 

If the set came without these clamps, I would still buy it for the Bar clamps and Spring Clamps as it’s still a great value.

temporarily hold cables

The pads on the Bar Clamps do come off from time to time. On my set, they tend to slide off on the smaller 6” clamps than on the larger 12” clamps. The bigger clamps, the pads are secured on by design. You can buy the QUICK-GRIP replacement parts if you lose them. Not a big deal to me, but something to make note of and keep an eye on when you are using them.

Pads can slide off

This Clamp set is a great value for anyone with a workshop, garage or into woodworking. These are NOT cheaply made and can be used in a lot of applications.
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