Bosch 12-Volt 2-Tool Combo Kit CLPK22-120


I bought this 12 Volt Bosch Drill set as I wanted something a little smaller and lighter compared to my Dewalt 18V cordless set (which is still a great after 15+ years).

Drill, driver, screwgun
Bosch 12V drill driver

This kit comes with:

  • Bosch 12 Volt Drill – PS31
  • Bosch 12 Volt Driver – PS41
  • 12 Volt Charger
  • (2) Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Soft Carrying Case

CLPK22-120 Drill and Driver

The PS31 drill is very compact and has a good weight and balance to it (I wear a “large” Mechanix glove as a gauge).  It is surprisingly powerful for such a small tool.  I have used this primarily on 2x4s and other projects with plywood, pine and poplar.  It is very smooth with its power and I have not had it really stall on me.  The simple adjustments for speed and power are laid out nicely and straightforward.

The sensitivity of the trigger feel is accurate and controllable by how much you press on the trigger. It has a solid consistent feel with the torque throughout the trigger range. There is no “wobble” to it and feels tight.  (I am probably use to the little bit of “wobble” from my old Dewalt drill)

The light is a nice add on, but not something I was looking for.  It can get a little annoying with the light coming on and off as you do subtle triggering, but that’s going to happen with any drill.

The Driver

The PS41 driver is compact and sits well in the hand also.  Similar to the drill, just a little shorter and for driving screws.  It is new to me and has nice control. Very simple and straight forward. I use it mainly with drywall screws.

I find it good for small house hold repairs like fixing door hinges and tightening up fixtures.  It is also good for assembling Ikea type furniture and toys for the kids.

The small batteries and charger are a nice size as they do not take up too much space. Again, the batteries help the overall balance and feel for both tools.  You can get into some tight spaces with this size drill.

CLPK22-120 Cons

The case that the kit comes in is a little small.  I find it a little challenging to get the drill, driver and charger tucked into the bag it comes with this set.  I leave them in a drawer or bench most of the time, so the case isn’t really a factor for me.

If you plan to be mobile with this set, I can’t see the case being too practical.  Better get a separate toolbox or case if you are going to carry the charger.  Not a deal breaker, just something to note.

Bosch, case, soft
Bosch carrying case

The batteries on these units last a long time while working on projects.  I’m not sure if it is because they are new or lithium ion.

They will also hold their charge when not in use and shelved for a while.  I’m not a fan of keeping batteries plugged into their chargers all the time.  I’ve left them weeks/months and they still retain their charge. Really nice for a DIYer.

Prime Student 6-month Trial

I have not tried to drill concrete yet and I am not sure if it has the strength of an 18V hammer drill like my Dewalt drill.


All in all, this set is above my expectations.  If you are a weekend warrior or a homeowner, this is a must have for your workshop.

I’m sure this has its place if you are a carpenter, electrician or plumber.  The lightweight ergonomic design is a real selling point.  This will remove a lot of overhead fatigue for working on ceiling projects.

This is a Great Christmas gift, Graduation, Birthday or any occasion for the DIY’er in your life.

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