Dayton 3 Ton Low Profile Jack



Time for an Upgrade

So I bought this jack because I felt it was time for a change.  I have been using this Sears Craftsman jack for about 30 years now and it has held up really well.  It still moves around ok and has served our family really well.
Looking at other reviews and seeing it first time in the store, I saw that this Daytona 3 Ton Jack is pretty much a Snap On knock off with some really heavy duty build quality.  The frame is solid and all of the pieces fit together very soundly.  

Taking Delivery


I had this delivered which was totally worth it for me.

Within a few days it was at my doorstep and while the box was a little beat up, it met my expectations on delivery.  I brought it up my driveway to the garage on a dolly where I unboxed it.  
I accidentally picked it up without realizing the bottom of the box would fall out and the jack fell on the ground from almost waist height.  
My initial reaction was oh crap, I just broke this thing, but after looking at it, it was fine.  Some of the Styrofoam helped cushion the blow luckily and there isn’t any real damage, not even cosmetic.

Smooth ride

Just like everyone has mentioned about this jack, it is really smooth to roll around on the concrete driveway.  When I read those comments out there, I was like how smooth can a jack roll ?  Well compared to the old Craftsman, this thing really glides.  So I was really surprised and an added bonus I didn’t really expect.



Rapid Pump Dual Piston Design

It pumps up really smoothly and the car I have on it here is an ‘03 Acura TL at stock height (so about 5-6”).  There’s no need for me to have the low profile, but I’m buying this with the longterm in mind : )
So a couple of pumps and I’m right up to the jack point and since it rolls smoothly, I’m able to adjust it quickly before jacking up the car.

Inexpensive – Not Cheap

For a low priced Jack, I could not pass up on this deal.  I paid $119 before tax and shipping and I feel I got a really good deal on this jack.  For the most part, I mainly use it for Brakes and tire rotations.  I have always like doing brakes for some reason.  
I use to do my own oil changes but got tired of dealing with the mess and bringing oil back for disposal.  Now I just have a garage do it and pay the cost.
If you are looking for an alternative to a Snap on, Craftsman or other name brand jack, I would consider this Daytona Jack.  
This is a great father’s day or birthday gift for a dad or a grad. 
Let me know what you think in a comment below.  
Thanks for Reading,