How to Stop water hammer: Everything you need to know

Things you need:

Sioux Chief MiniRester
Channel Locks
10 Minutes

Water Hammer

If the water pipes in your home are banging around when you are doing your laundry, chances are you have water hammer. This occurs when one of the washing machine valves shuts abruptly and the water flow is forced to stop. The shock of the water stopping sends a vibration through the pipes and makes them bang violently inside the walls.

This will normally happen with washing machines as their valves tend to shut faster and handle more water volume.


Fixing the bang

Fortunately, everyday people like you and I can resolve this issue without hiring a plumber. I was able install these Sioux Chief MiniResters within 10 minutes as advertised. Inside the copper tubes are little diaphragms which absorbs the water shock which suppress the water hammer.

Sioux Chief MiniRester

Install Sioux Chief MiniRester

Simply shut the water off and unscrew the water hoses from the back of the washing machine. A little bit of water may spill out of the hoses, but its no big deal. I found it easier to attach the MiniRester to the washing machine first and then reattach the water hoses to the arrestors.

Hose lines to Washing Machine


Sioux Chief MiniResters Installed

You can use a pair of Channel Locks to snug up the MiniResters and hoses. I hand tightened them and gave them a little turn to ensure no leaks.

If it is leaking, it may be a lose washer or seal.


Start a load of laundry

Once connected, turn the water back on and check for leaks. When we start up the washing machine now, there is no banging and it is so quiet now we forget that it is running. Combine this with regular use of
Affresh Washer Machine Cleaner and your washer will run as it was new.

So for under $25, you can get rid of water hammer in 10 minutes and not have to hear the banging in the house.

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