Ants Be Gone !

Terro is the best way to get rid of ants

So I gather you are here because you have ants. Regular household ants are a nuisance.  They surface as it gets warmer out and can get into everything. If you have kids, there is bound to be some sugar or food dropped around the home. This will draw out ants.

Spray and Trap

I normally spray around the outside of the house with Ortho Home Defense indoor/outdoor spray.  This is a great starter and since it can be indoor or outdoor, it dries relatively quickly (about 10 minutes).  When spring rolls around, it is good to have a bottle handy.

ant killer, liquid ant bait, ant gel
Terro Liquid Ant Baits

Open, Cut and Leave

The Terro traps come in packs of 6.  They are inexpensive and highly Effective.  You basically just cut open a little piece at the end and place it on the floor. 

Ants are just drawn to it like a normal food source.  They can eat it and die within the trap or bring it back to their next which is ideal.  

Every few times I see a few new ants, I put one of these down around the area to take care of them.  Look at the reviews online to see what everyone else is saying. 

The only con about this is that the liquid inside is a thick sticky syrup.  If you get it on the floor it will stick a lot.  So just put a piece of cardboard under it in case some of it comes out.  Check it out here.  No brainer to use.  

Terro also makes Ant Bait Liquid Stakes. It also has the thick sticky syrupy fluid inside.

Simply break off the plastic tab and stick them in the ground. I put this around a small ant house and within 20 minutes it was loaded with ants.

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